Supply Teaching: Back to the Good Old Days with a Modern Twist

The Good Old Days

Once upon a time, back in the good old days of teaching, there was a council-maintained list of supply teachers. This list was available to all schools in the area. If the need for a supply teacher arose a school could access this list, knowing that on there were all the supply teachers close by.

The only problem? By the time a school had had chance to ring round each teacher on the list to find someone who could come in today to take over a class, the school day was almost over. (Unless, of course, they struck lucky on the first few tries.)

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Agencies To The (Sort-Of) Rescue

At this point, supply teacher agencies stepped in. Agencies made it super easy for schools to get a supply teacher. The school would tell the agency their requirements and the agency would get to work finding a teacher that fit the bill. Kind of like a fairy godmother. A fairy godmother that charges between 20% and 40% of the teacher’s day rate for their services…

Surely there must be a better way to hire a supply teacher? A way that doesn’t involve having to laboriously make your way down a list of phone numbers in the hopes that someone is available and that your find them in time. A way that doesn’t involve an agency taking a cut of the teacher’s pay, pushing the cost up for schools?

The Modern Twist

What if we could go back to the days of a well-maintained list of supply teachers in your area? What if the list didn’t have to be maintained by local councils, but by the supply teachers themselves, with the ability to see immediately who is available? What if, thanks to advances in mobile technology, you could have this list literally at your fingertips wherever you are? And what if the only cost was a small monthly fee (£19 per month for our early 2017 signups) to have access to this database? is a brand new platform that connects you with supply teachers in your area. We have a fully mobile-enabled database of supply teachers with over 100 teachers registering with us every week.
Because we’re not an agency, we don’t take any commission from supply teacher fees. All the money goes to the supply teacher. This reduces the cost for you enabling money to be put back into kids’ education rather than lining the pockets of agency owners.

For a teeny monthly fee, you can go back to the good old days, but with a modern twist. There’s no limit on the number of teachers you can contact and appoint so, unlike an agency, you’ll pay the same amount each month (even if you appoint hundreds of supply teachers).

To find out more about this brand-spanking-new platform and to pre-register for your area, head to

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