Don’t Be Fooled By The Big Cheques

Agencies aren’t as generous as they seem.

In the education industry, we often see blog posts or news articles about supply teacher agencies accompanied by a photo of one of those oversized cheques. These articles are shouting about the fact that some agency or another has donated a couple of hundred quid to a good cause.

We struggle with the morality of this, and I expect they do too. Now don’t get us wrong, it’s great that these good causes are getting support. But when it comes from these agencies, it’s more of a cover up than purely good deed. We have no doubt that the supply teaching agency staff doing the good work in the community mean only good and want to do the right thing, but this is a marketing ploy. If it isn’t, why don’t they just support the good causes without the song and dance? Why the oversized cheques?

The uncomfortable truth is that these agencies are draining the education sector of much needed funds. They do this by inflating supply teacher fees and taking between 20% and 40% for themselves. This is resulting in overcharged schools and underpaid supply teachers. It’s a sound but outdated business model; they’re providing a seemingly necessary service for a fee, but shouldn’t that money really be staying in education? In the UK in 2016, supply teaching agencies took over £250 million in commission. That’s £250 million that could have remained in the education sector.

A thousand quid here and there doesn’t seem so generous now, does it?

Agencies know that they have a bad reputation as an expensive middle man, so these gestures are perhaps a kind-of apology for an outdated way of doing business.

PIcture of english pounds

Cutting out the middleman.

As we mentioned earlier, agencies provide a seemingly necessary service. Schools don’t have the time to hunt for a supply teacher. When the time comes (which it certainly will at one point or another), they will need a supply teacher immediately. Not when they find the time to call round to see if any of their known supply teachers are available. But the key word there was seemingly. These agencies aren’t necessary, and we have an alternative. cuts out the middleman. We’re building a network of local supply teachers that schools can tap into to save money by cutting out the agency. Our technology connects fully screened, referenced supply teachers to local schools and removes the paperwork for a teeny, flat monthly fee.

There are no marketing gimmicks and there are no guilt-ridden oversized cheques here. By cutting out the middleman, we are ensuring that you can put the money saved directly back into your school.

Let’s put money back into education.

Agencies are not doing social good. They’re reducing supply teacher pay cheques and costing schools money that they don’t need to be paying. Forget about agencies and switch your school to a supply teaching database like

Save your school money. Join today.

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